Couleur de Rose, by Joseph Ashby-Sterry

George Clausen – The head of a young girl (1884) – from Wikimedia Commons

I present today my last selection from Boudoir Ballads, a beautiful love poem devoted to a girl. A modified version of it appeared later in The Lazy Minstrel, where the original poem’s 8th stanza was removed, and the 7th was modified and placed before the 6th. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…


Hilda Conkling’s dreams of love

Jeremy Lipking - Adrift (2013) - from Art Renewal Center

Jeremy Lipking – Adrift (2013) – from Art Renewal Center

In her first volume Poems by a Little Girl (1920), Hilda Conkling wrote poems about dreams and others about roses and love. In her second volume Shoes of the Wind (1922), the topics of dreams, roses and love become united within two beautiful poems. Indeed, Hilda was no more a little girl, she entered into puberty, so her fantasies and desires took a more womanly form. Also the style of her poetry matured, with a quasi-adult sophistication. CONTINUE READING…

Hilda Conkling: Rose-petals

Alfredo Rodriguez - At the rose garden - from

Alfredo Rodriguez – At the rose garden – from

The poem After Plotinus by Fabian Strachan Woodley tells of a “perfect, new blown rose” lost by a little flower-girl; four people, “souls blind and dull”, ignored it, but a fifth person “raised it, and bore it tenderly”; although “there was no beauty in the rose”, he “saw mirrored in the flower his own Mind Beautiful.” CONTINUE READING…

Fabian Strachan Woodley: After Plotinus

Augustus Edwin Mulready - The Flower Girl (1872)

Augustus Edwin Mulready – The Flower Girl (1872)

Fabian Strachan Woodley (b. 19 July 1888, d. 8 August 1957) was a British poet who published only one book of verses, A Crown of Friendship (1921). He was a late representative of the ‘Uranian’ school of male poets who exalted the love of boys. As writes a website devoted to him, “Like the other ‘Uranian’ poets, he declared that Boyhood was the only ideal worth following.” Indeed, many of his poems deal with boys he loved. According to the above-mentioned site, Woodley said: “I was a Poet and Dreamer and Lover and Boy with them.CONTINUE READING…