Jay Edson: I Sing of Polly Pong

Henry Selick – Coraline (2009) – from Coraline Wiki

Jay Edson, who apparently also writes under the name James Hunter, is a heretic essayist and blogger. His site Unthinkable Thoughts collects numerous challenging articles on controversial subjects, a few short stories, and also a bit of poetry, including some of his own. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…


Poetic Eros

Odilon Redon – The birth of Venus (1912) – from WikiArt

In the post “Components of Love” I presented the three types of love and friendship according to the ancient Greeks:

  • Eros is sexual love, generally driven by beauty; it is discriminating and it can be versatile, blooming or withering fast.
  • Storge is natural love, as it exists between members of a family, or the love of parents for children; contrarily to eros, it is unconditional and long-lasting, and it grows slowly.
  • Philia is friendship, generally within a group, mediated by activities shared in common; it includes also philanthropy and humanitarian work.

The ancient Greeks also used the word agape for affection and tenderness, similar to storge. Then in Christianity, this word evolved to mean a purely spiritual, selfless and undemanding love embracing all humanity; in fact, such an ideal love is extremely rare in real human beings. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…