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Allan Douglas Davidson – The little model

Mon petit amour,
Tes yeux noirs, ton regard
Transperçant le mien,
Font chavirer mon cœur.



Eric Stenbock: Sonnet II

SergiyKrykun – Eric Stenbock – from DeviantArt

I have chosen the following love poem from Stenbock’s collection Myrtle, Rue and Cypress, recently reprinted by S N Books World (Delhi, India) from a 1992 Hermitage Books reprinting of the original Hatchards 1883 edition. The Latin subtitle is inspired by the starting verse of the Canticle of Canticles of Solomon in the Bible: “Osculetur me osculo oris sui quia meliora sunt ubera tua vino,” which translates as “Let her kiss me with the kiss of her mouth; for thy breasts are better than wine.” The first two verses indeed follow it, replacing “breasts” by “love” (since the beloved was probably a boy). CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…