Nonstop Photos - Alexander Fradis - После репетиции

Alexander Fradis – После репетиции – Nonstop Photos


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Pigtails in Paint: an excellent site devoted to the girl in visual arts. Backup site.
The site has a new address and a new ISP. Most posts of the old site were also saved on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.
See also its Facebook page.


Amours enfantines et Childhood Loves: les amours enfantines et la sensualité des petites filles, d’après des extraits d’œuvres littéraires, des articles de journaux, etc. Aussi sur Facebook.
Voyez également son mini-site Paedophilia for dummies.


op een zomernacht: meisjesliefde (met nonkel Juul) in het Nederlands—if you can understand that language … unfortunately, it has been removed!

Childhood in Art: a huge collection of artworks featuring girls (and also boys).

Poetry and Art:

MoonCCat - Dreams to sell

MoonCCat – Dreams to sell

MoonCCat - Absinthe Minette

MoonCCat – Absinthe Minette

MoonCCat: poésie, photographie, musique et… absinthe. Il chante également dans le groupe Little Girl / Camera Men (aussi sur Facebook) et a tenu Vert d’Absinthe, la première boutique française dédiée à l’absinthe.

from Ernest Christopher Dowson Facebook page

from Dowson Facebook page

The Poems of Ernest Dowson: reproduces the poems of Verses and Decorations. See also The Poems and Prose of Ernest Dowson, With a Memoir by Arthur Symons, Project Gutenberg Ebook, containing Verses, Decorations and The Pierrot of the Minute.

The Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore: a real treasure, this site has the most complete information on Poe, his life, his works and everything that has been said about him.

John Clare Weblog: regular posts with poems and writings by Clare, and many links.

Troubadours: lots of poetry in Occitan language, some with English translations.

Bessie Potter Vonnoh – Dancing Girl (1910)

William Sergeant Kendall – A Child (1918)

Celestial Venus (previously called Jungendblog, then Voice for Joy): about spiritual love and youth (Jugend) in figurative painting and sculpture in the late 19th and early 20th century—with many beautiful girls and women.

Decadenthandbook’s Blog: a deceased blog about the so-called “Decadent” movement in literature and art.

Frank T. Zumbachs Mysterious World: private blog (with access on request) devoted to strange and mysterious art.

Email address for contact

Email address for contact

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  1. I learned of this website from its mention on PiP. Very nice! I happen to have a “blog” which features one poem and an unrelated image that somewhat fits your subject matter. (The Question, and Spring, respectively.) Check it out.


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