Help needed for my search

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - How Sir Galahad, Sir Bors and Sir Percival Were Fed with the Sanct Grael; but Sir Percival's Sister Died by the Way (1864) - The Tate Gallery

Dante Gabriel Rossetti – How Sir Galahad, Sir Bors and Sir Percival Were Fed with the Sanct Grael; but Sir Percival’s Sister Died by the Way (1864) – The Tate Gallery

I will indicate here various things that I am searching for this blog and for which I expect help from readers. The contents of this page will thus evolve in time, by removing what has been found and adding new searches.

Your answers are always welcome, and your contribution will be acknowledged. Rather than writing a comment on this page, it is preferable to send an email at the following address:

Email address for contact

Email address for contact

Poems, poems and texts

If you know beautiful poems devoted to younger girls, or moving stories about them, you can send me the text or a link to it. If it is not in English or in French, please provide a translation.

Translation needed

I need a translation (in French or English) of the following song in Breton language. It was sung by Yann-Fanch Kemener and the lyrics are attributed to Jean-Pierre Le Scour (1814-1870):

Plac’hig Eusa (La petite fille d’Ouessant)

En enez Eusa, ur plac’hig
Yaouank, fur, koant ‘vel un aelig,
He hano oa Kaourintinik.

Siwazh ! ne oa ket pemzeck vloaz,
Ar plac’hig a zouge he c’hroaz.

E-c’harz ar mor, war ur garrek,
Kaourintinik wele dourek.

A greiz he c’halon, he fedenn
A zavas d’ann eñv evel-hen :

O stourm oc’h listri ar Zaozon,
Ma zad zo beuzet er mor don.

Kalon ma mamm baour a rannaz,
Gant ar c’helou-ze, pa glevas.

Me n’em euz den, allaz ! Bremañ :
Petra rin-me war ar bed-mañ ?

Me n’am eus mui war an douar
Na tad, na mamm, na kar, na par ;
Ma bukez vo kañv ha glac’har.

Ar paour en eñv deus un tad,
Hag e Rumengol ur vamm vad !

There are variants called “Enez Eusa” or “Eliz Iza,” but the text is different.

Looking for images

I need especially pictures of Adelaide Foltinowicz, the girl loved by Ernest Dowson, if there exists any.

I am also looking for pictures of Gertrude Chataway, the girl to whom Lewis Carroll dedicated The Hunting of the Snark. I have only three of them, the well-known sketch made by Carroll himself in 1875, a photograph of her in swimsuit (?), both from the site of the Lewis Carroll society of Brazil, and a photograph of her lying on a sofa, from the Harry Ransom Center.

Scholarly articles and books

I would like a PDF of the following articles published in a scholarly journal:

Ian D. Suttie, “Religion : racial character and mental and social health”, British Journal of Medical Psychology 12(4), Dec. 1932, pp. 289–314,
DOI: 10.1111/j.2044-8341.1932.tb01083.x

Ian D. Suttie and Jane I. Suttie, “The mother: agent or object?” British Journal of Medical Psychology 12(2), June 1932, pp. 91–108, and 12(3), Sep. 1932, pp. 199–233,
DOI: 10.1111/j.2044-8341.1932.tb01068.x

Ian Dishart Suttie is the author of The Origins of Love and Hate.

I am also looking for two books, Cynara: The Story of Ernest Dowson and Adelaide by Marion Plarr (1933), and the original edition of Poésies d’une enfant by Antonine Coullet-Tessier (1903).


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  1. Errec-shun, detec-shun, correc-shun.
    Intro para-2, “Rather than commenting ON this page…”
    Carry On re-Searchin’, kwote Rockin’ 50s BIG west-Coasters, “Gonna find her, gonna find her, gonna find her…”


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