Guidelines for comments and contributions

Victoria & Albert Museum collection - Artist Unknown – Minnie Terry (c1888)

Artist Unknown – Minnie Terry (c1888) – Victoria & Albert Museum collection

Ah, happy he who owns that tenderest joy,
The heart-love of a child!
Lewis Carroll, The Hunting of the Snark

This blog is devoted to spiritual love, younger girls and related topics. It furthers art, poetry, scholarship and education. It welcomes informative comments, including constructive criticism, or even reasoned polemic. It dislikes hollow chatter, so please think over twice before reacting. It is not a forum for anything under the sun, discussions straying outside relevant topics will be removed. It excludes anything vulgar or base, so insults, hate speech and links to pornography will be thrown out.

Do not feed trolls -from Wikimedia Commons

Do not feed trolls -from Wikimedia Commons

Troll-type comments will be marked as spam. Since the spam filter Akismet learns from user feedback, this means that any further comments made by the troll on WordPress sites will be automatically marked as spam, so their owners will not be bothered, and the only result of troll activity will be a welcome increase in the number of views and visitors.

Suggestions of posts (art, poetry, love stories, cultural criticism, etc.) are welcome. Testimonials are enabled on this blog.

Send your inquiries, ideas, testimonials, proposals or contributions to

Email address for contact

Email address for contact


2 thoughts on “Guidelines for comments and contributions

  1. What a “nice” Story about de Quincey and the wretched girl. It could come from Dickens. It could be a movie.


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