The garbage worker, a little girl’s hero

Brooklyn Andracke is a little girl living in Bloomington, Illinois, USA. When she was aged two, she became fascinated with the garbage worker who was coming every Thursday. At first, she was waving from the window as the garbage truck passed by. Then Brooklyn, her mother Traci and little brother Ty moved outside to wave. And when they missed the truck, Traci Andracke would drive the kids around the neighborhood to find the truck so Brooklyn could wave. And the driver always made a point of waving back with a big smile and honking the truck’s horn. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…


Dowson Day 2016

On April the 15th, 2016, the Department of English and Comparative Literature of the University of London organizes a one-day conference on Ernest Dowson.

Email: (Jessica Gossling and Alice Condé)


A lovely marriage

4-Year-Old-Cancer-Patient-Marries-Her-Nurse (0)

I read from POPSUGAR the following charming story. Abby, a 4 year old girl treated for leukemia at Albany Medical Center in New York, fell in love with her male nurse, Matt. She told her mom that she was planning to marry him… and indeed, the hospital staff organized the ceremony, with the nurses as bridesmaids and a doctor as the mayor presiding. CONTINUE READING…

Thomas Edison’s repellent high-tech dolls

I came across an article in the HuffPost about talking dolls marketed by the inventor Thomas Edison in the 1890s (there is an abridged French version of it in the Huffington Post). His idea was to insert a miniature phonograph cylinder inside their body. This represented a technological breakthrough, which was commented in journals like Scientific American. But this was their only quality. I reproduce from the HuffPost the photograph of one such doll, she is really ugly:

Edison Talking Doll - from HuffPost Weird News

Edison Talking Doll – from HuffPost Weird News

Her huge forehead evokes hydrocephalus, or Doctor Frankenstein’s monster impersonated by Boris Karloff. Her eyes look dumb. Her hands open out like claws.

The phonograph cylinders do not function anymore now, but their sound has been recovered thanks to another feat of technology. The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory made a 3D scan of the cylinders, from which their recordings could be extracted. One can listen to them here. A hoarse voice croaks (rather than “sings”) a song amid a hissing background noise.

The HuffPost adds that the doll costed US$10 undressed, and between $12 and $20 fully clothed, which was quite expensive, the equivalent of between US$267 and $534 today. Production lasted only one month, with only 2500 sales.

Clearly Edison’s mind was dominated by the search for technological novelty, and he had forgotten a simple thing: dolls are made to be loved, they should have a beautiful smiling face, gentle hands and a sweet voice.

See my lovely dolls on Pigtails in Paint. They do not sing, but they have bright eyes and a beautiful smile.

No Strange Delight

A little girl in my sofa

I met a little girl in the flea market. I released her from her tutors and brought her home. Now she stays at my place and seems happy with it.

She is exactly one meter high. She has brown hair and big blue eyes, she wears an old-fashioned black cap with a red ribbon and red and green stripes assorted to her robe. Like many street urchins, her soiled face needed some washing, and her dusty bloomers and petticoat required a laundry. CONTINUE READING…


A magic Valentine with the little sweetheart

I usually don’t care about Saint Valentine, and for me 14 February is always an ordinary day like any other. I find no interest in heteronormative stories about a man and a woman who live in a couple and tell how much they love each other… really?

But I liked this one. On the 14th, a single father brought his daughter aged six to restaurant and took well care of her. A couple gave him a little note warmly approving him and saying that they would pay the restaurant bill:

From imgur

From imgur

Hi there!
Sorry to spy but my husband & I saw you out with your little Date & were so impressed with what a great Dad you are.
From two Adults who grew up without dads, it’s so important to have a male role model at a young age.
Keep up the good work Dad!
Dinner is on us! 🙂

His comment:

As a single dad, I took my six year old daughter out to valentines dinner tonight when this happened. I wont lie, I teared up at the table. So, thank you random strangers. Thank you.

Yes, little girls need to be loved and cherished by a devoted and caring mature person.

Source: imgur