Kids have gifts — when one trusts them

Russian TV - Bella Devyatkina

Russian TV – Bella Devyatkina

All too often, adults think that children by their nature should be doing childish things and remaining in their childish world, rather than imitating adults and their activities; this is the motto “let kids be kids.” Thus they are left in ignorance of what one considers as “beyond their age,” and if they show too much interest in such “beyond” things and inquire too much about them, they will be answered “don’t touch,” “stay away,” “this is not of your age,” “you are too young for that” or “anyway you can’t understand.” This makes future adults who will be ignorant, backward, immature and dependent on authority. CONTINUE READING / CONTINUER LA LECTURE…


Components of Love

Duy Anh Phan - Mai Vi

Duy Anh Phan – Mai Vi

I will discuss the various types of feelings and emotions involved in what one calls love, I label them “components”. I am to some extent inspired by the famous book The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis, but while he described them as distinct forms of love, I will rather consider that they can mix together in various proportions through any particular love relation. This idea of mixing different forms of love was developed by J. A. Lee in Lovestyles; however he views them as “styles”, which can be not only emotions, arousals and feelings, but also attitudes towards feelings such as commitment, playfulness or manipulation, as well as degrees of compliance with social norms such as marriage and family. CONTINUE READING…

Les personnes âgées et l’amour

Strasbourg Magazine, N° 226, octobre 2011 - extrait de la couverture

Strasbourg Magazine, N° 226, octobre 2011 – extrait de la couverture

Cette photo, extraite de la couverture d’un magazine distribué gratuitement par la municipalité de Strasbourg, montre des enfants âgés de 11 ou 12 ans s’avançant pour donner chacun une fleur à une vieille dame, la gratifiant de son plus beau sourire. L’enthousiasme de ces personnes âgées saute aux yeux. CONTINUE READING…