A reader’s discovery

In Agapeta I have used three pictures of an Asian girl to illustrate posts (first, second and third); moreover the third one appears in the blog header and is my Gravatar. I had found them on Internet in July 2014 (probably on a Tumblr page), but I did not remember where. Several readers have complimented me on my choice, and even one of them fell in love with her.

One reader held a blog about girls entitled Copine 1 and 2; it consisted mainly of “random posts” giving, after a short introductory text, many photographs of beautiful little girls; in some sense, it was a successful girl fashion magazine (it has been suspended by WordPress). But in a post dated 28 November 2015, he revealed that he found the origin of the pictures and the name of the girl. She is called Mai Vi, she was photographed by Duy Anh Phan (also called Doak Phan), the three photographs can be found (in various sizes) on one of his Flickr pages.

Therefore I award this reader the Agapeta trophy:

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

[Updated 3rd December 2015.]




Amoris Est Imperare Orbi Universo

(To love it belongs to rule the whole world)

Agapeta exists now since six months, and this is its 50th post. The first one, dated 9 January, was the poem A Mosaic by Ernest Dowson. At that time, the blog style was restricted to bright text on a whole blue background, with the default black header bar giving the title and subtitle—the header image, red surrounding and right sidebar with Minnie Terry medallions were added in February.  CONTINUE READING…

Images de Navarana et Peter Freuchen

Dans l’article Navarana et Peter Freuchen j’ai relaté la rencontre de Peter Freuchen avec son épouse Navarana, alors qu’elle était encore pratiquement une enfant, puis leur “mariage” quand elle avait environ 13 ans, et enfin la mort et l’enterrement pitoyable de celle-ci 10 ans plus tard, citant le livre de Freuchen Aventure arctique : Ma vie dans les glaces du Nord écrit en 1935, dans la version française publiée par les Editions du C.T.H.S., Paris, 1997.

Il est dificile de trouver sur Internet des photos de bonnne qualité montrant Navarana. La plus connue est probablement celle-ci, qui se trouve d’ailleurs dans l’édition C.T.H.S. d’Aventure arctique : CONTINUE READING…


Minnie Terry, Victorian child pin-up

Photographs of the child actress Minnie Terry (1882 – 1964) taken around 1888-89. Source: National Portrait Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum collection. Some of these pictures and a few others were also published here.