Girl in a Pink Dress by Ewa Ludwiczak

Beautiful colours for a beautiful smile: tawny eyes, tawny hair, pink face and a pink dress with tawny shades… such a beauty calls for love.

Ewa Ludwiczak

Watercolour portrait on Arches hot pressed paper (23 x 31 cm). Painted from a vintage black and white photograph. This painting is now available to buy in my DaWanda shop or directly from me (just send me an email or let me know in a comment) GirlInPinkDress

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Settela Steinbach painted by Francine Mayran

Francine Mayran - Anna Maria Settela Steinbach ll

Francine Mayran – Anna Maria Settela Steinbach ll

The psychiatrist and painter Francine Mayran has devoted her work to the memory of the main genocides of the 20th century (Armenia, Jews and Romas under Nazism, Rwanda). In particular some of her paintings deal with Roma and Jewish children victims of the Nazi Holocaust. From this collection I have selected the above painting of Settela Steinbach. It is an oil on canvas coated with concrete, size 30 × 40 cm2.


Images from readers

Riet Vandecasteele - Schoolmeisjes met fiets (1992) - from

Riet Vandecasteele – Schoolmeisjes met fiets (1992) – from

Following my post Poetry by readers, I will renew my tribute to readers of Agapeta, this time by giving links to some of their articles that I consider remarkable for the beauty of an included image, or for having a link to wonderful images. By reader, I mean here any blogger who follows Agapeta or has clicked “like” on a post or has written a comment after it. Sorry, I cannot present any beautiful work by someone who does not have a blog address. There are also many readers who remain invisible to me, since they do not perform any of the actions (like, comment or follow) that bring them to my notice. CONTINUE READING…