Aleister Crowley: Katie Carr

William-Adolphe Bouguereau – Petite bergère (1891) – from Art Renewal Center

I give here my last selection from the collection Rosa Mundi, and other love-songs, the ninth poem in it.

Here ‘Rossett Ghyll’ designates a pass in Cumberland (according to the editor).


‘TWAS dark when church was out! the moon
Was low on Rossett Ghyll;
The organ’s melancholy tune
Grew subtle, far, and still.

All drest in black, her white, white throat
Like moonlight gleamed; she moved
Along the road, towards the farm,
Too happy to be loved.

“O Katie Carr! how sweet you are!”
She only hurried faster:
She found an arm about her waist
A maiden knows her master.

Through grass and heather we walked together
So hard her heart still beat
She thought she saw a ghost, and fast
Flickered the tiny feet.

“O Katie Carr, there’s one stile more!
For your sweet love I’m dying.
There’s no one near; there’s nought to fear.”
The lassie burst out crying.

“From Wastdale Head to Kirkstone Pass
There’s ne’er a lass like Kate:”—
The gentle child looked up and smiled
And kissed me frank and straight.

The night was dark, the stars were few:—
Should love need moon or star?
Let him decide who wins a bride
The peer of Katie Carr.

Source: Rosa Mundi, and other love-songs (1905), in The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Volume III (1907). See the digitisation of the original on David Moews’s home page.


7 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley: Katie Carr

  1. What fun! Thanks again Christian.
    I wonder how you might like the book ‘My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry’. It’s not a pedo story perhaps, but certainly a culture-challenging narrative of an intergenerational bond. There are so many quotable lines in it… many quotes listed on ‘GoodReads’ are not the best the book has to offer, in my opinion. I really think it deserves a pedo review.


    • Thanks for the suggestion. I have not read this book (the description on Amazon looks interesting), I do not have it, and I have a pile of books waiting for me to read them during my holiday and after. So, if you wish to see a review of it from the point of view of people who are different from the norm, I suggest that you write it yourself; I make similar recommendations on Pigtails in Paint to commentators who wish to have an article written about a topic that interests them, because authors do not always have sufficient time.
      Another point, in my ‘Guidelines’ page I stress that comments must be appropriate to the topic of the post (talking about too many different things in one place is disorder, it will discomfort some readers), so next time that you suggest a book to read, do it in a comment to one of the pages ‘About’, ‘Guidelines’ or ‘Help needed’.


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