Nathalia Crane: Love

In this beautiful short piece from The Janitor’s boy, and Other Poems, little Nathalia tells how she and her friend fell a sudden romantic attraction for a handsome ice-cream seller. Very sensuously, she calls him “very scrumptious,” as if he was an ice-cream. Here Flatbush is a neighbourhood of Brooklyn in New York City.


Now Marjory is seven years,
And I am nine and more.
We went a-strolling after cream
Into a Flatbush store.

The handsome clerk said “Ladies, yes,
I’ll serve you with a rush.”
He looked so very scrumptious that
We both began to blush.

He smiled at us, we smiled at him.
And then we went away:
We were so captivated, yes,
That we forgot to pay.

Of course we could have sauntered back,
And settled, don’t you see,
But oh, we could not stain romance
With monetary fee.

Source: Nathalia Clara Ruth Crane, The Janitor’s boy, and Other Poems. Thomas Seltzer, New York (1924). Digital version on Internet Archive.


9 thoughts on “Nathalia Crane: Love

  1. This is beautiful! But it is not clear to me that a great poet is behind it, with a life, considering the girl as a theme, of attraction, importance, radiation. And what is the background of the picture?

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    • Clearly Nathalia Crane was a good poet, and since she wrote this piece at age 9 or 10, including it in Agapeta is quite justified.
      The photograph comes from a blog that has disappeared, and it was given there without any information.

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      • Maybe she would also be someone for Pigtails though there is less portraiture in the strict sense. Maybe you could write more about her, on Agapeta or Pigtails.


        • More poetry by Nathalia Crane will appear in Agapeta, but it seems that there has not been much written about her. I can’t do anything in Pigtails in Paint, unless I discover one day rare pictures of her, that’s the rule: images first.


  2. Sooo, 93 yrs ohn. Wot so called ‘Adult’ Dumbed Down dimwits today think they STILL know best, saying that so called ‘Kids’ don’t know their own mind, own body, own choice…U know the rest. Mind Ur Own!! Recalls SEXY ’70s BOSSDogDoug, 30-somethin’, had TWO lil Loli sisters, 8 & 10 fightin’ fer ownership, paraphrased, “I saw him first!!”  X

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