Aleister Crowley: The summit of the amorous mountain

Alex Stevenson Diaz – Young Girl – from


TO love you, Love, is all my happiness;
To kill you with my kisses; to devour
Your whole ripe beauty in the perfect hour
That mingles us in one supreme caress;
To drink the purple of your thighs; to press
Your beating bosom like a living flower;
To die in your embraces, in the shower
That dews like death your swooning loveliness

To know you love me; that your body leaps
With the quick passion of your soul; to know
Your fragrant kisses sting my spirit so;
To be one soul where Satan smiles and sleeps;—
Ah! in the very triumph-hour of Hell
Satan himself remembers whence he fell!

Source: The Temple of the Holy Ghost, I, The Court of the Profane, in The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley, Volume I (1905), published online by The Hermetic Library. I took the indentation of the verses and the decomposition of the poem into two stanzas from the digitisation of the original on the IAPSOP site.

Aleister Crowley (c.1912) – from The Equinox volume 1, issue 10 (1913), via Wikimedia Commons


4 thoughts on “Aleister Crowley: The summit of the amorous mountain

  1. Well, Christian, our strong disagreements on parapsychological research, immaterialism and spirituality on Tom’s blog apparently had a positive consequence for you – you found Aleister Crowley’s poetry, and made several good blog posts about it.

    Or is it just my excessive pride, and your Crowley-related posts have nothing to do with me and our exchanges on HereticTOC?

    Just curious. 😉


    • On 2016/08/26, “Winston Smith” posted a comment replying to your comment to the HTOC article of 2016/08/24. The topic discussed will power and Nietzsche, you mentioned Crowley and “Winston Smith” linked to a poem by Crowley from the book White Stains. So I read that book (cf. my comment of 2016/08/27) and posted two poems from it in September and October 2016. I already knew about his writings on absinthe (another post in November 2016). As for the poems by Crowley that I post since Beltane 2017, I found the site through a web search about “May Queen”. So there is no relation to the discussion on parapsychology and non-materialist philosophy.


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