Poetry by readers, 3rd set

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Jeunes filles lisant (1890-1891) – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (

This is my third post presenting poems published on WordPress blogs by my readers, in other words users who made themselves known to me by following Agapeta, by liking its posts, or commenting them. Indeed, I always have a look at the blog of anyone who follows Agapeta, likes a post, or writes a comment.

The first reader is vellystopper, who recently published a poem called “Edgy.” I specially like the first sentence in it:

I Don’t Care If The Air Is Pregnant Or If The Sea Is Richer Than The Land. It Is Not My Concern If The Moon Is A Prostitute.

The next reader, Océan sans rivage, has a poetry blog titled La profondeur, with subtitle Être en cette profonde heure, which contains a French pun. Most of her poems are very long, but recently she published a very short one, like a Japanese haiku:


L’Étreinte esseulée d’un Sanglot.
La plainte du souffle.
Les pas sont silencieux.

My third choice is the blog Elusive Mummers by Kavya Chandra, in which I selected two poems. The first one, “Bound,” is about a little girl sitting on a boat; here is a short quote from it:

a little girl sits, staring at the waves
which remind her of
bodies floating (dead, not living)
with their clothes becoming
parachutes to lay still in the sea

The poem ends with:

she finds herself waiting
for the salt in the air
to be cleaned.

The second poem, “Not Her,” is about a lover who remembers the main episodes of the relation with his beloved; it is made of stanzas with 5 verses each, with the first verse being repeated. Here are the first two stanzas, I like how in the second one remembering mixes with forgetting:

I remember when she
first asked me what day
it was that I knew I was
in love with her broken
soul and scarred heart;

I remember how her
eyes grew wide as I told
her how I didn’t know
because the feeling itself
had made me forget;

In my second post, “Poetry by readers (2),” I quoted two erotic poems from cakeordeathsite. Here I will give excerpts from three more poems by him. The first one, “Zero Zone,” is much about forgetting the moments of lovemaking:

Blissful oblivion
Tempting surrender
To an unreal moment
No wish to remember
The feel of your skin
Your soft inner thigh

In the second poem, “More Beautiful Still,” the first three verses refer to the artwork The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even by Marcel Duchamp; then it uses mathematical words to describe the body of his lover:

For you to me
Are as beautiful as
A lipstick stained cigarette
Held between trembling fingers:
More beautiful still
Than the parted legs
Of an architect’s divider
Bisecting a wearying,
Unwavering straight line

The third poem, “Equation,” is devoted to using mathematics as a metaphor for eroticism:

Compile an extensive inventory
Of your body’s geometry
An algebra of desire
Forming a composite picture
Of continuing treachery.
The curves of innocence
Ascend to the zenith
Of calculating corruption

So poet readers, don’t hesitate to follow, like and comment.


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