What readers are searching for

WordPress blog statistics include “Search Terms”, which mean the terms, words, and phrases entered in a search engine that led readers to the blog. Mostly it indicates “Unknown Search Terms”, which means that WordPress could not determine these terms (for instance, some search engine encrypt them). But sometimes it can discover them, and that can be funny.

Most search terms are standard, with the name of an author, of a work, or both. But they can also include in a single line the whole text of a short poem:

you know love, your hands were there before mine, they’ve touched you in every place, and in every way that i long to touch you. i’d kiss your small wrists and your slender fingers while they whisper their secrets to me, private things they want me to know, secret things i shouldn’t know, wet things even you may have forgotten.

It is indeed the poem “I’d Love To Love You” in my post “Poetry by readers”. Another query contained the same text, followed by “yeats, keats, dowson”.

The following query contained the first two lines of “La petite gamine” by Christophe:

parole la petite gamine aux cheveux blanc couleur de plage qui pleur la bas,la petite gamine aux yeux si bleu

Some searches are strange, like looking for the colour of the eyes of the actress Claudia Vega in the film Eva: “eva en espagnol quel couleur sont les yeux de la fille”. Another strange request related to this film is “claudia vega bseast”, as I dont’t understand the last word. Another strange search term is “phonograph rimbaud”; indeed I used Rimbaud’s poem “Voyelles” in a post with the same title.

I was delighted to find a search for “dowson letters to adelaide”. There are more elaborate searches, such as “earnest dowson and the duality of late victorian girlhood” (note “earnest” instead of “Ernest”).

There are also search terms related to the blog’s title or subtitle. First “agapeta meaning”. Next, a series of queries for essays on “illuminating lives” and “transforming hearts”, which hints at “When younger girls awaken hearts and illuminate lives”, the blog’s subtitle:

english essay on illuminating lives transforming hearts
short essay on illuminating lives and transforming heart
short essay for children illuminating lives transforming heart
essay on illuminating lives transforming heart
illuminating lives transforming hearts essay in english
illuminating lives transforming hearts essay english
illuminating lives transforming hearts essay
illuminated lives transforming hearts essay for kids
few lines on illuminating lives transforming heart
illuminating lives and transforming heart poetry
illuminating lives transforming hearts
illuminating lives and transforming heart
illuminating life into heart essay

A variant is “poems about illuminating girls and women”.

Some searches are related to the four types of love discussed in my post “Components of Love”: eros, storge, philia and agape; I like how one reader wrote “storage” for “storge”:

storage love is the natural bond between members of the same family.
are eros and storge ever compounded
does david and jonathan’s relationship confuse philia and eros
agape love in sexual behaviour john allan
components of agape love

Since eros is love based on attraction to beauty, the two searches “is beauty a component of love” and “is love a component of beauty” are also related to that post.

Just a few days before it was removed by WordPress for violating their ToS, the blog Copine 1 and 2 revealed the origin of the picture that I use as avatar for my blog, and I mentioned it in my post “A reader’s discovery”. Thus many readers of that blog, when searching for it, arrived on Agapeta:

copine 1 and 2
copine 1and2 wordpress
copine little 1 and 2
pinterest copine 1and2

Many searches are related to Pigtails in Paint; one can see that many of its readers are mainly interested in nude girls:

pigtailsinpaint naked
pigtailsinpaint nude nude
nude pigtails in paint
nude girls pigtails paint young girls nude
pigtails in paint dreamgirls
pigtales in pant baby poopy
girl pigtails painting
pigtailsinpaint girl in garden
pigtailsinpaint little girls

The terms “stolen dreams and the japanese school” and “dream girls paint” refer to a post and a page that Pigtails in Paint had to remove under the request of their ISP, after the complaint of an Internet watchdog organization, see my post “Censorship of Nude Art”. With the new ISP, these two articles have now been restored.

My “Links” page contains a photograph by Alexander Fradis, so I got searches for “alexander fradis met” and “alexander fradis models young”.

I got a few strange searches related to girls:

save the girl child sonnet poem
asian girl post mortem
young girl 1920
the little girls_files

Some readers are interested in a girl’s puberty:

little girls breast
breast puberty stages
menstruation girl
growth in girl
growth of girl
growth girl
girl growth

There are also many searches for nudist material, I guess that they want nude pictures:

nudist mom
nudist miss girl
sweet little girlhood nudiste
naturist baby
naturist girls living
naturist girl
young teen naturist naked
teen nudis xx
child girl naturalist
naturist russia
nahý naturisti
france 4 naturisme woman and baby
foto family naturist freedom
i love naturist
www.junior nude hd pic

Some readers look for erotic images of girls:

hentai age group line
big cock little girl hentai
classical lolicon
gamines farouches
petite gamine sexe
fillette libertine
diamond jackson sex
sex ni illuminate

The strange search “fleure nue” certainly led to some of posts in the category “Fleurs de Passion”, where the two words appear, but not together.

Concerning boys, the search term “pederasty c’est quoi” must have led to my unique post on the topic, “Anal sex, the heteronormative fantasm against heretical love”. However, I can’t understand how the search term “nude young teen boy naturist” led to Agapeta; indeed, one can find here many things, but certainly no nude boy.

Finally, I can’t find any meaning in the search terms “jeanne dréan coupe de cheveux courte femme” and “mieow rustle”; how could they lead to this blog?


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