The tyrannical censorship of ISPs


The Internet sevice provider JaguarPC has decided to offer its special Christmas gift to the community of art and culture: it removed the site Pigtails in Paint that was hosted on its data center. They invoke the most spurious reason:

You’re currently hosting ( which contains images which can be considered child pornography. We cannot allow this content on our network. [etc.]

They do not bother to say which articles of the site contain “child pornography,” nor according to the laws of which countries this material should be considered as such. So, where is the child porn?

In fact, the site has known little activity for the last 4 months, and the latest material posted did not contain anything controversial (unless you consider as pornography denouncing anti-Roma racism or the censorship of art). So if there was any “child pornography,” it would have been there since several months, which would have left plenty of time for Internet vigilantes to report it to their authorities, and for these authorities (who cooperate with each other in this great battle) to take the appropriate measures: foreign governments would have blocked the site, and in the USA the FBI would have arrested its administrator. Nothing like that happened … except that Russia blocked the site on August 22, 2014.

Last June, JaguarPC demanded from the site administrator to remove the two articles “Stolen Dreams and the Japanese School” and “Dream Girls”, because they had received a complaint from a private German watchdog organization claiming that these two articles contained “child sexual abuse material” that was “potentially criminal” under German Criminal Code (this was also discussed on Agapeta). In fact, these two articles were present on the site since the summer of 2014, so had been there for two years, without provoking any action by the German authorities, nor by those of other countries, except Russia. Nevertheless, the administrator complied and removed these two articles and their images. But apparently, that is not enough for bigots, who simply cannot accept the existence of such a site.

So where is the “child porn?” Nowhere, it is just a lie. The police state methods of Putin and Erdogan have become quite fashionable, these dictators call free art “obscenity,” independent journalism “spying” and political opposition “terrorist propaganda,” so why not follow them and censor dissenting cultural expression? Independent art and culture bloggers are not rich, there is much more money to be got from dictators, religious fundamentalists, bigots, all endowed with holy wealth.

Don’t allow that to happpen! Stop JaguarPC (aka Jaguar Putin Censorship)! Protest by any means suitable:

Freedom must prevail!

In Maoist China, Shanghai girls are taught how to kill with bayonetted rifles, demonstrated here in an exercise drill.   (Photo by McCarthy/Getty Images)

In Maoist China, Shanghai girls are taught how to kill with bayonetted rifles, demonstrated here in an exercise drill. (Photo by McCarthy/Getty Images)


15 thoughts on “The tyrannical censorship of ISPs

  1. This certainly order from higher ups or they changed some people(maybe even boss) to people like Elena Mizulina or Ursula von der Leyen aka bigotry morons.

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  2. 1. is not LiveJournal, it is a site owned by a russian that is built on LiveJournal software.
    2. Neither its server is located in Russia nor its domain is registered with a russian registrar.
    3. It is banned in Russia by the russian internet censorship body!


  3. Thank you for the updates – I was sorry to see the site go dark, and I’m glad to hear it was as least backed up.

    It’s sad, and a bad time of year for it, but I fear it was inevitable. It is in the nature of sites which push society’s envelope, to be forever doomed to be itinerant nomads, moving from host to host. And it’s the cost of popularity that they get moved on faster and faster. Pessimistically, I feel the eventual endgame is that finally they get pushed off the net altogether, either into oblivion, or onto the darknet. I hope this doesn’t happen to PiP for a long time tom come, though.

    Like your blog, it’s always felt like one of my happy, safe places.


  4. Christian, Excellent Posting from you on Censorship and the role of Jaguar PC for the way people censor without acknowledging the role of art. You are right about the role of Bigots, reactionaries and a lack of Freedom of Expression. I will reblog your post as I feel very strongly about Censorship. It is no surprise that Putin and Erodgan Russian Imperialism and Turkish Bonapartism are the censors of Art in general, after slaughtering people in Aleppo Syria it is not surprising that Russian Imperialism should dirty its hands over this issue I support you in your campaign and will email Jaguar PC. Putin is carrying on the tradition of Stalinism which glorified the cult of the Personality and used an Art Form Socialist Realism to disfigure and destroy hundred of artists in the Gulag and the Moscow trials. It was the Great Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky in his Book Literature and the Revolution that Revolutionaries must encourage art to develop in all its forms. You cannot legislate for the arts. NO TO CENSORSHIP FREE EXPRESSION BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR CAMPAIGN. Laurencexx


  5. An absolute disgrace! It’s a perversion in the true sense of the word to view beauty (without a hint of sexual suggestion) as pornography, and it speaks volumes about the dysfunctional minds of so many brainwashed people and organisations – especially those in the English-speaking world. Thanks to the mass-media, who dance like puppets to the psychopathic agendas of certain vested interests, that world is now infected with endemic paranoia and delusions on a massive scale. A truly sick society rife with hypocrisy! It’s a toxic, child-unfriendly culture which causes more harm than good, and all in the name of ‘protecting’ children.

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  6. Oh Christian, it’s a sad time. I’m Ill at the moment, so haven’t been aware of what was happening online. Hopefully Ron has backed everything up since the same thing happened to the old WordPress blog, but he must be getting disheartened by not being able to find a safe home for one of the beacons of rationality in a mire of deceit and hypocrisy. It makes what you post even more important.
    Auguri, virtual friend.

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    • Ron posted a few days ago that he’d backed everything up, and that this was likely the end of the site, period. Past the point of “disheartened,” it seems.

      Christian, thank you for helping spread the word — I saw your sensible comment on the Pigtails blog post about this atrocious situation, too.


      • Ron has indeed made a backup, and he is looking for a new ISP, this time not in the USA.
        I have sent an email of outrage to JaguarPC, and I invite everyone to do the same. If hundreds of people fill their mailboxes with protests, they will sense that they cannot censor with impunity.

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        • He’s a stubborn guy, and is utterly convinced of the righteousness of his cause, so he may perform a miracle….I know I feel personally guilty for not helping to provide relevant posts when he’s asked.
          All-in-all it was/is a very well researched, written and archived resource, as well as an extremely important symbol and examp!e…let’s hope the new year brings some good news, the one leaving surely sucked…


          • He should use Livejournal. It’s Russian, and Sveta Luchik’s blog has been on there for many years with no trouble. It’s mainly in Russian, and would be probably seen by the English-speaking bigot brigade as more controversial than Pigtails (now delisted by Google!) Latest posting only yesterday: It covers all things girl-related.

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              • Yes , so I hear, but we must ask why that happened. Does anybody know? Was Ron given an explanation? It doesn’t make sense to me. It couldn’t be due to English-style prudery, for the Russians allow far more controversial websites to run for many years – such as the one mentioned earlier. I do know that he USA puts covert pressure on countries to block or close websites. This pressure can amount to political blackmail, and comes not only through US diplomatic channels but also from influential US-based NGO’s operating in the host countries. Both the USA and UK have tried to put pressure on a very large Russian-based photo-hosting site for years – to no avail. Russia is far from being the only country subjected to this. It can happen when any non-US based host a website that posts material that they consider ‘inappropriate’. We must also ask why Jaguar decided to pull the plug on Pigtails just now – when no new posting would have triggered that action. What (or who) motivated them? With the changed political climate, extraterritorial pressures would be less likely to succeed with a Russian-based host. These have always been far safer than US-UK based hosts.


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