Poetry by readers (2)

Karol Teige

Karol Teige

Last year, in the post Poetry by readers I gave links to poems published on WordPress by four of my readers. Unfortunately, three of them have since deleted their site, and only one poem remains on WordPress: Fleeting Moments by Michael33. However I could recover on a Google cache the text of one poem: I’d Love To Love You by (Anyone you want me to be), so I added it to the post. Also Internet Archive saved a copy of 50 Word Stories: trespassing with velvet by Nina Karadzic. The rest seems lost…

I will give here some poems from two new readers, hoping that they will not delete their sites. First the blog cakeordeathsite deals with art and literature, with a special emphasis on surrealism and eroticism. It has published English translations of French surrealist poems, but I prefer to read the original French version! Now I have chosen two long erotic poems written by the blog owner. The first one is Super-Imposed Love, it is illustrated with a beautiful collage by Karol Teige, which I have reproduced above. I quote here a short part of it:

And pretty doll-
Like girls that smell faintly
Of honey and vanilla,
Throughout the night,
They anoint you with oils
As they fondle
Your heavy breasts,
Tender lips bruise
Your neck
Loving finger caress
And part your sex
Many hands glide over
Your contours
Travelling to the places
Where your pleasure

The next one is Curvature, it starts as follows:

Just close your eyes,
And open your legs.

The curvature of your
Soft inner thigh leading
To the downy raw hollow
Seems to me like a promise
That the door to paradise
Will open up wide enough
To swallow my entire being whole:

To read the entire poems, follow the above links.



Next I have chosen the blog Girl Love Poetry, which consists of charming little poems, each one on a separate page, where the author extols his love for little girls. The above image is his blog header. He has also a Spanish version of his site. Unfortunately the English version has many errors of language, so the poems that I give here have been corrected:

A kiss like no other, our lips have a kiss, a kiss like magic.
A kiss from you is softer than silk, a kiss from my little girl.
A kiss that makes us be one breathing each other deeply.
A kiss that makes us touch our skin, feeling a gentle sensation coming out from us.

Little girls are so wonderful, I can’t stop admiring them.
Little girls are so sweet, they’re the sugar of the world.
Little girls are all around and I sigh when I see them.
Little girls, so many little girls and I just want one by my side.

Little star you shine like no other.
You shone on my heart.
You shone on my whole life.
You shone on my eyes to make me blind to your love.
Oh, little star I’ll steal you from heaven and never give you back.

I have a fire growing in me that consumes me every time I see you, every time you say my name with a soft voice.
I put my forehead on your forehead and then kiss your sweet lips. I hold you in my arms and I can smell your little girl’s scent that makes me go crazy.
You hug me back and we kiss and we can’t do much, because we love each other and our love makes us see the the stars. You put your head on my chest saying: “I love you and I’m not letting you go.”

To all readers: if you click ‘Like’ on my posts, comment them, or subscribe to Agapeta, I always have a look at your site, and if it has nice things, I may mention them in the future…


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