Fast Draw: Lolita complex

In Japan, the phrase “Lolita complex”—better known by its contraction “Lolicon”—designates attraction to pubescent or prepubescent girls, an individual with such an attraction, as well as the manga and anime genre featuring cute girl characters looking both childlike and erotic.

The Japanese heavy metal group Fast Draw released in 1987 a vinyl LP whose Japanese title translates in English as Complex, containing 9 songs. The first press came out on July 25th, followed by a second press in October; then a CD album was issued on November 21st, 1988. More details can be found in Discogs and in Encyclopaedia Metallum.

The first song of the album is titled “Lolita Complex” and it starts with voices of little girls. Here is the YouTube video:

The Japanese lyrics can be found on Encyclopaedia Metallum (click the “Show lyrics” link for the first title). A translation in English has been given by Peace who runs the blog Vinyl Kids – Celebrating youth in music:

Lolita Complex
by Fast Draw

I lo-lo-love unripe fruit
I’m tired of mature women!
Fight! Fight! Take off that school uniform
Fight! Fight! Tear away those printed panties

Lolita complex
Old man’s pink sigh
Lolita complex
Pink sigh paradise

I lo-lo-love small breasts
I cry out, ‘I’m getting bigger’
Fight! Fight! From top to bottom
Fight! Fight! Restlessly licking and licking

Lolita complex
Old man’s pink sigh
Lolita complex
Pink sigh paradise

openclipart-electric_guitar-svg         openclipart-electric_guitar-svg

I lo-lo-love whiteboard girls
Drool flowing from my smiling mouth
Fight! Fight! With an open stride
Fight! Fight! The goal has entered my sight

Lolita complex
Old man’s pink sigh
Lolita complex
Pink sigh paradise

Guitar icon from Open Clip Art via Wikimedia Commons.


4 thoughts on “Fast Draw: Lolita complex

  1. Lil Loli lovin’ Rockin’ Nips ‘n Ruskis.

    RULE the simply irresistible CHARGE to LEGALIZE lil Loli-lovin’ – WebwizeWorldwide ‘n WAY beyond!

    Simply irresistible under-age lil Lolis – RULE all-age LoliPhiles!!

    BIG Bob’s ex-Lolis – Simply Irresistible!!


  2. I’ve noticed the interest in young girls in Japanese cartoons but didn’t know there was a term for it, Lolita complex. I think this is rather silly. It is absurd to use Western standards of sexual development for Asian culture. I can imagine an Asian male thinking “I’m attracted to flat chested girls, I must be a freak!” When in fact, most young Asian women are rather flat chested when compared to European women. The same relative sexual development goes for men, in a global study of penis size, the average European was about 5.8 inches erect while Asians averaged only 4.3 inches. So Asians should not accept Western standards and not fetishize a normal attraction to petite females.

    I found a book which looks interesting, Re-made in Japan: Everyday Life and Consumer Taste in a Changing Society by Joseph Jay Tobin.

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  3. Thank you for the mention! I hope everybody enjoys a little taste of heavy metal from the east – the rest of the album is great as well.

    As far as I can tell, the man’s dialogue at the very beginning goes something like, “Hey, little miss. This old man–.” It’s slightly difficult to tell what the second sentence is because it’s an incomplete sentence, but I bet it’s something like “Can you come with this old man?”


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