Hilda Conkling: Nine



Do you know how nine comes?
The fairies have numbers, all my ages,
Sharp on a piece of card-board:
They cut out and spirit out my number,
Nine . . .
They come to the window softly . . .
Then they give it life . . . open the window.
It flies in, it bumps me on the forehead,
But does not wake me:
Just before morning breaks it fades back into my brain
And is my age.

Source: Hilda Conkling, Shoes of the Wind, A Book of Poems (1922), from Internet Archive.


2 thoughts on “Hilda Conkling: Nine

    • Non, si on comprend l’anglais, c’est tout à fait limpide. Elle l’a écrit à 9 ans, dans un langage simple. Essayez une traduction en français.


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