John Clare: Lassie, I Love Thee

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen - The Little Flower Girl (1853)

Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen – The Little Flower Girl (1853)

Another charming love poem by John Clare, full of freshness, from his beautiful collection Asylum Poems.

Lassie, I Love Thee

Lassie, I love thee!
The heavens above thee
Look downwards to move thee,
♥ ♥ And prove my love true.
My arms round thy waist, love,
My head on thy breast, love;
By a true man caressed love,
♥ ♥ Ne’er bid me adieu.

Thy cheek’s full o’ blushes,
Like the rose in the bushes,
While my love ardent gushes
♥ ♥ With over delight.
Though clouds may come o’er thee,
Sweet maid, I’ll adore thee,
As I do now before thee:
♥ ♥ I love thee outright.

It stings me to madness
To see thee all gladness,
While I’m full of sadness
♥ ♥ Thy meaning to guess.
Thy gown is deep blue, love,
In honour of true love:
Ever thinking of you, love,
♥ ♥ My love I’ll confess.

My love ever showing,
Thy heart worth the knowing,
It is like the sun glowing,
♥ ♥ And hid in thy breast.
Thy lover behold me;
To my bosom I’ll fold thee,
For thou, love, thou’st just told me,
♥ ♥ So here thou may’st rest.

Source: Life and Remains of John Clare, The “Northamptonshire Peasant Poet” by John Clare, copied from the Project Gutenberg ebook, with indentation corrected following the digitization of the original on Internet Archive.


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