A reader’s discovery

In Agapeta I have used three pictures of an Asian girl to illustrate posts (first, second and third); moreover the third one appears in the blog header and is my Gravatar. I had found them on Internet in July 2014 (probably on a Tumblr page), but I did not remember where. Several readers have complimented me on my choice, and even one of them fell in love with her.

One reader held a blog about girls entitled Copine 1 and 2; it consisted mainly of “random posts” giving, after a short introductory text, many photographs of beautiful little girls; in some sense, it was a successful girl fashion magazine (it has been suspended by WordPress). But in a post dated 28 November 2015, he revealed that he found the origin of the pictures and the name of the girl. She is called Mai Vi, she was photographed by Duy Anh Phan (also called Doak Phan), the three photographs can be found (in various sizes) on one of his Flickr pages.

Therefore I award this reader the Agapeta trophy:

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

[Updated 3rd December 2015.]


6 thoughts on “A reader’s discovery

  1. Hi Christian, I’m L&F – erstwhile Copine 1 & 2 blogger. Thanks for the award: it’s nice to have some recognition, albeit “posthumous”. As you can see, I’m blogging again, but putting far less emotional and physical effort into it: seeing more than 1,600 posts go down the tubes makes you a little cynical…..take care, L&F


    • I did not publish your previous comment because it linked to another site that I consider as porn. I think that you should become aware that WP is more suitable for art and intelligent discussion than for “eye candy” or “sexy girls”.


  2. Yes, readers, I am “the reader who fell in love with her”.

    Sorry to say this but I do not think she is 12 years, in fact I think it’s an adult, look this picture of the same photographer who made the 3 original photos:

    (the girl on the right)

    Is she, but literally, it’s the same face, if you put the pictures together you will notice that, also she has the same big eyes and the hair in brown tones, in short, is her, at 99%, and this grown body is not from someone who is 12 years old… She is basically a girl of 12 in the body of a 19 years.

    What I can say … I am happy to find my love, but also feel some sadness, I thought she was a pubescent girl, but apparently not, but I admit I like anyway, I have no fault of who I fall in love, if she is the most beautiful adult ever created on earth, well … I’m glad to love her.

    PS: It counts as hebephilia, anyway, Hebe —> goddess of youth, and she is a goddess of youth, is hebephilia!


    • No, the young woman you show is not the same as Mai Vi. The one above has typical Asian almond-shaped eyes, while Mai Vi has mixed Asian-European eyes; also Mai Vi’s eyes are proportionally bigger in ratio with the face (the eyes do not grow during childhood, so children have proportionally bigger eyes compared to the face). Finally the woman above has cone-shaped jaws with pointing chin, unlike Mai Vi. So I maintain that Mai Vi is around 12 years of age.


      • Sorry, I do not know, I really thought it was really her, because honestly both girls are very similar, like sisters, anyway. And you say that the eyes do not grow during childhood, but if Mai Vi has 12 is already on puberty should not have such large eyes? I have no idea, I just wonder.


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