A reader’s discovery

In Agapeta I have used three pictures of an Asian girl to illustrate posts (first, second and third); moreover the third one appears in the blog header and is my Gravatar. I had found them on Internet in July 2014 (probably on a Tumblr page), but I did not remember where. Several readers have complimented me on my choice, and even one of them fell in love with her.

One reader held a blog about girls entitled Copine 1 and 2; it consisted mainly of “random posts” giving, after a short introductory text, many photographs of beautiful little girls; in some sense, it was a successful girl fashion magazine (it has been suspended by WordPress). But in a post dated 28 November 2015, he revealed that he found the origin of the pictures and the name of the girl. She is called Mai Vi, she was photographed by Duy Anh Phan (also called Doak Phan), the three photographs can be found (in various sizes) on one of his Flickr pages.

Therefore I award this reader the Agapeta trophy:

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

Agapeta Equidem Illuminat Omnia Ubique (Agapeta surely illuminates everything everywhere and always)

[Updated 3rd December 2015.]


Components of Love

Duy Anh Phan - Mai Vi

Duy Anh Phan – Mai Vi

I will discuss the various types of feelings and emotions involved in what one calls love, I label them “components”. I am to some extent inspired by the famous book The Four Loves by C. S. Lewis, but while he described them as distinct forms of love, I will rather consider that they can mix together in various proportions through any particular love relation. This idea of mixing different forms of love was developed by J. A. Lee in Lovestyles; however he views them as “styles”, which can be not only emotions, arousals and feelings, but also attitudes towards feelings such as commitment, playfulness or manipulation, as well as degrees of compliance with social norms such as marriage and family. CONTINUE READING…


Isidore Ducasse : Poésies II

Alfonse Van Besten - Deux filles ceuillant des fleurs (1912) - from

Alfonse Van Besten – Deux filles cueillant des fleurs (1912) – from

Dès que l’aurore a paru, les jeunes filles vont cueillir des roses. Un courant d’innocence parcourt les vallons, les capitales, secourt l’intelligence des poètes les plus enthousiastes, laisse tomber des protections pour les berceaux, des couronnes pour la jeunesse, des croyances à l’immortalité pour les vieillards.
Isidore Ducasse, Poésies II

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Jean-Michel Caradec : Mords la vie (album)

L’album 33 tours Mords la vie (1973) de Jean-Michel Caradec reçoit son titre de sa première chanson. Ce petit chef d’œuvre poétique respire l’esprit libertaire des années suivant mai 68. Malheureusement il n’a jamais été réédité en CD. Mon précédent article est consacré à sa 5e chanson, Tendre Garance. Ici je présenterai brièvement trois autres chansons. CONTINUE READING…