A lovely marriage

4-Year-Old-Cancer-Patient-Marries-Her-Nurse (0)

I read from POPSUGAR the following charming story. Abby, a 4 year old girl treated for leukemia at Albany Medical Center in New York, fell in love with her male nurse, Matt. She told her mom that she was planning to marry him… and indeed, the hospital staff organized the ceremony, with the nurses as bridesmaids and a doctor as the mayor presiding.

Our patient shyly asked me to marry her,” wrote Matt. “I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

4-Year-Old-Cancer-Patient-Marries-Her-Nurse (1)

Abby wore a beautiful white princess dress with black leggings beneath it. She and Matt exchanged ring pops. After the ceremony, the couple retreated to their “Just Married” car, where the groom pushed the bride back to her room so they could enjoy cake (including the traditional smashing of the cake in the groom’s face) and photos.

4-Year-Old-Cancer-Patient-Marries-Her-Nurse (6)

Asked about the day, Matt exclaimed “This is the best day ever!

You are right, Matt!

The 3 photos shown here were selected from the 14 posted in the original article, viewable as a single page or as a diaporama; they come from the Facebook page Amazing Abby.


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