Images from readers

Riet Vandecasteele - Schoolmeisjes met fiets (1992) - from

Riet Vandecasteele – Schoolmeisjes met fiets (1992) – from

Following my post Poetry by readers, I will renew my tribute to readers of Agapeta, this time by giving links to some of their articles that I consider remarkable for the beauty of an included image, or for having a link to wonderful images. By reader, I mean here any blogger who follows Agapeta or has clicked “like” on a post or has written a comment after it. Sorry, I cannot present any beautiful work by someone who does not have a blog address. There are also many readers who remain invisible to me, since they do not perform any of the actions (like, comment or follow) that bring them to my notice.

I start with Een beeld van een beeld met Schoolmeisjes met fiets (An image of an image with Schoolgirls with bicycle) in De dingen des levens ! (The things of life!) by Suskeblogt. It shows a 1992 sculpture by Riet Vandecasteele, titled Schoolmeisjes met fiets (Schoolgirls with bicycle), located in Moorsele (Flanders, Belgium). There is also a picture with his daughter in front of the sculpture. Other pictures of the statues can be found in the site, I have included one of them above.

Next, I mention ~Reminiscent~ A 50 Word Story by Paris Poems. It includes a beautiful painting by the young artist Trent Gudmundsen, born in 1978. There is a link to his site, where one can see some some of his pictures: figurative works and more; as well as landscapes and plein-air studies. His beautiful paintings remind me of those by Renoir. I show one of them below, from his site.

Trent Gudmundsen - Quiet Autumn

Trent Gudmundsen – Quiet Autumn

My third choice is Mirror from O at the Edges by Robert Okaji. It contains a short poem illustrated by a beautiful Art Nouveau mirror whose rim has a woman leaning to kiss her own reflection.

Of course, many beautiful images have been posted by François Lemonnier, see my Links page.


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