Poetry by readers

This entry does not belong to the blog’s standard topics, it is rather a tribute to its readers. I will give here links to poems published on WordPress blogs by users who made themselves known to me by following Agapeta or by liking or commenting its posts. This should encourage further readers to express their appreciation. Know that I always give a look at the blog of anyone who likes, comments or follows my young bud.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir -  Girl with Spikes / Girl with Flowers (1888) - from Wikisource

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Girl with Spikes / Girl with Flowers (1888) – from Wikimedia Commons

This time I have selected four poetry blogs.

Magical Corner – The magic created by Malvika

The Vision of Poets – poetry, writing, publishing

The Flawed Typist – The older I get; the better I was

  • I’d Love To Love You by (Anyone you want me to be), May 15, 2015.
    This poem reminds me of Ad Manus Puellae by Ernest Dowson.
    Update: Unfortunately, the author has deleted his own site, poetry is sometimes transient as butterflies, love and childhood. Therefore I reproduce the poem below (from a web cache).

    You know love,
    your hands were there before mine,
    they’ve touched you in every place,
    and in every way that I long to touch you.

    I’d kiss your small wrists
    and your slender fingers
    while they whisper their secrets to me,
    private things they want me to know,
    secret things I shouldn’t know,
    wet things even you may have forgotten.

Now, last but not least, my favourite poetry site, the fabulous

In Noir Velvet by Nina Karadzic

Beautiful, magnificently illustrated, I love in particular her 50 Word Stories, indeed short posts with exactly 50 words in the text. Many of them are sensuous, dealing for instance with shared bed sheets. However I will rather present one about a delicate flower, a topic in harmony with my theme of maidenhood; furthermore it has dark petals with a velvety texture:

I give a second poem, about black velvet, it is emblematic of the site:

Links to other articles by Agapeta readers (of various types: images, poetry, criticism, etc.) will be posted in the future.


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