Absolute Love

In April 1893, Ernest Dowson made an awkward marriage proposal to his beloved Adelaide Foltinowicz, while her father was dying. She refused his offer. In a letter to Samuel Smith sent at the end of that month, after telling the story he wrote:

The important thing is that one should have, just once, experienced this mystery, an absolute absorption in one particular person. It reconciles all inconsistencies in the order of things, and above all it seems once and for all to reduce to utter absurdity any material explanation of itself or of the world.
This letter is like Tristan and Isolde, it has nothing but love and death in it.

Source: Letter number 247 in The Letters of Ernest Dowson, Desmond Flower and Henry Maas (editors), Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1967, pages 279–280.


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