A magic Valentine with the little sweetheart

I usually don’t care about Saint Valentine, and for me 14 February is always an ordinary day like any other. I find no interest in heteronormative stories about a man and a woman who live in a couple and tell how much they love each other… really?

But I liked this one. On the 14th, a single father brought his daughter aged six to restaurant and took well care of her. A couple gave him a little note warmly approving him and saying that they would pay the restaurant bill:

From imgur

From imgur

Hi there!
Sorry to spy but my husband & I saw you out with your little Date & were so impressed with what a great Dad you are.
From two Adults who grew up without dads, it’s so important to have a male role model at a young age.
Keep up the good work Dad!
Dinner is on us! 🙂

His comment:

As a single dad, I took my six year old daughter out to valentines dinner tonight when this happened. I wont lie, I teared up at the table. So, thank you random strangers. Thank you.

Yes, little girls need to be loved and cherished by a devoted and caring mature person.

Source: imgur


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